Vacation Bible School

Committee Members: Brother Derrick Anderson, Sister Annie Gilchrist, Sister Ella Brown, Sister Nancy Light, Sister Deanna Clark, Sister Donna Coats, Sister Pamela Anderson, Sister Earline Watts 




Responsible to the children’s ministries committee.
Relates closely with the children’s coordinator, the VBS staff.
Ministry mission: To help children develop a friendship with Jesus, with the Bible, with the church, and with each other.

The Vacation Bible School leader plays a key role in directing the church’s largest outreach program for children and their families and has the following responsibilities:
1.Organization and administration.
2.In consultation with the children’s coordinator, recruits volunteers.
3.Represents VBS on the children’s ministries committee.
4.Develops a VBS budget with the help of the children’s coordinator.
5.Plans the VBS space—which rooms of the church will be used and for what.
6.Plans the VBS time—the date, time of day, and program schedule.
7.Coordinates with team to reach out to the surrounding neighborhoods
8.Takes responsibility for reporting the VBS event to the local conference.
9.Leads the team in follow-up events.
10.Demonstrates a concern for child safety by completing the volunteer ministry information form and returning it when asked, and by observing the guidelines for volunteers and caregivers.

 Activities may include such things as ,,,
11. Bible Story time
12. Arts and Crafts
13. Music
14. Indoor and Outdoor Games
15. Visiting Nursing Homes
16. Food